We care about tomorrow

At Cedar Woods, we understand the many elements that create vibrant communities. 

We harness developments in sustainability and innovation to promote efficiency, water and waste management, and enhance and rehabilitate the natural environment.  

We are proud of our reputation for being an environmentally responsible developer and we continue to look for opportunities to reduce our footprint, save on energy and create safe and healthy lifestyles for our customers.

Our commitment to the environment and the conservation values that we adopt at all our developments led to:


The granting of the highest level “6 Leaf” accreditation at our Bushmead development in Western Australia. 

Jackson Green

On the other side of the country, many of our townhouses at Jackson Green in Victoria exceed 6.5 star energy ratings.


In Brisbane, 40 per cent of our Ellendale development will be a green space corridor. Local wildlife will take centre stage with fauna underpasses, squirrel glider poles and nesting boxes nestled within the community. 

Preserving Indigenous and European cultural heritage is a top priority across our portfolio. We undertake detailed assessments to ensure heritage elements are retained and preserved. We are also proud of our urban developments, which provide us with an opportunity to regenerate and transform medium and high-density spaces into vibrant communities within walking distance of restaurants, cafes and public transport.

Cedar Woods Sustainability Objectives

Sustainability Objectives

To minimise our ecological footprint, we follow 15 carefully identified Sustainability Objectives:

Design Excellence

1.    Optimise Intensity and Mix of Development 

To optimise density and land use mix to better ensure the efficient use of land, infrastructure and resources to reduce the need for people to travel, to revitalise existing urban areas and to promote vibrancy. 

2.    Fostering Landuse and Transport Integration 

To optimise opportunities to use public transport and non-motorised transport and reduce car dependency. 

3.    Walking & Cycling 

To promote walking and cycling as an alternative to motorised transport and as a recreational pursuit. 

4.    Housing Diversity 

To promote accessibility, adaptability and affordability in housing choice to match the changing needs of local demographics.


The Environment

5.    Environmental Enhancement 

One of our key corporate objectives is to be recognised as an environmentally responsible developer. In all of our projects we actively seek to remediate, protect and enhance areas of environmental significance and protect biodiversity. 

6.    Urban Water Management 

To manage the total water cycle in a manner that promotes efficiency and preserves ecosystem health, reduces demand on potable water and improves ‘at source’ protection of water quality. 

7.    Green Estates & Buildings 

To provide for resource efficient, comfortable and healthy buildings through energy efficient lot configuration and building controls. 



8.    Public Open Space 

To provide open space in a manner which contributes to sense of place, maximises reservation of biodiversity, promotes healthy lifestyles by providing for a variety of uses and activities and promotes efficient urban water management. 

9.    Waste Minimisation & Recycling 

To reduce waste sent to landfill and promote efficient use of resources.


Building Community 

10.    Community Engagement 

To engage meaningfully throughout the life of a Cedar Woods project, with key stakeholders including the community, government and industry. 

11.    Place Activation 

To provide facilities, services and initiatives which stimulate community development, business and community interaction and sense of place. 

12.    Heritage 

Provide for the conservation and interpretation of Aboriginal and European heritage. 

13.    Sense of Place 

Create a local identity and pride which people can relate to and engage with.


Economic Development 

14.    Business Activation & Employment 

Enhance the catchment and economic base of existing activity and employment centres and promote the creation of new local employment opportunities. 

15.    Company Financial Growth 

To create value for shareholders through growth in earnings