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Cedar Woods is in the business of creating quality residential and commercial property developments. At the core of our success are the passionate people who work here, motivated to not only achieve their personal goals, but to work together and succeed as a team.

Employing people across Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, our employees are dedicated, enthusiastic and experts in their fields. Providing a dynamic place to work and learn, Cedar Woods provide roles from entry-level positions, to experienced people management and specialist positions.

Employee Benefits

Our benefits include...

  • Focus on People
  • Agility
  • Financial Strength
  • Market Leader & Innovation
  • Progressive Culture
  • Career Development & Training
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Flexibility
  • Sustainability

Career Development

It is our people that make Cedar Woods special. We only seek the best to join our team and once they do, we work hard to retain them. As a Cedar Woods employee, you can expect to join a corporate community that values and believes in each other.

We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best performers in our industry. You will work in an environment where personal and professional development is a priority. You will benefit from the experience of those around you and learn from being part of a diverse and dynamic team.

Your career development is supported by dedicated systems including Performance Development Plans, training plans, financial support for relevant ongoing education and a holistic view of career progression across the company. These individual approaches identify the best way forward for each employee, focusing on the skills and competencies that will help you be successful in your current role and also develop your career opportunities at Cedar Woods.

Wellbeing Program

A successful wellness program enables a business to invest in the physical well being, safety and health of its employees. Potential benefits include greater energy, increased alertness, a more positive outlook and greater ability to deal with stress and adapt to change. Not to mention the attraction and retention tool it can become. Our current activities include ergonomic training/assessments, social programs, nutrition classes, first aid courses and company sponsored team events such as local fun runs.


Cedar Woods has provided me the opportunity to work across various projects that has increased my industry knowledge and experience in the 12 months since I joined the team. One of my highlights is working within a supportive Customer Journey team that is dynamic, fun and energetic. I enjoy the fast paced environment, as it keeps things interesting with each day different to the next.

WA: Alexandra Wheeler, Project Marketing Manager

I joined Cedar Woods in January 2006 and have now been with the Company for almost 10 years. I started as an Accountant and have successfully progressed to Financial Accountant, Senior Financial Accountant and was promoted to Finance Manager in 2013. I completed the CA program in 2007 and am a qualified Chartered Accountant and currently mentor a couple of staff who are completing the CA program.

As Finance Manager, I am responsible for budgets and forecasts and was involved in the implementation of our Budgeting & Forecasting system and travelling to our Melbourne office to conduct seminars for Managers. I am responsible for the preparation of financial statements including the Annual Financial Report to shareholders. I supervise a number of staff within our finance team. We all work together and can share our work load and support each other in managing tasks and meeting deadlines. I love the variety of work and challenges and enjoy managing our team. I have the pleasure of coming to work with a supportive, fun and intelligent group of people who are friendly, highly motivated, hard-working and committed to complete work on time and of a high quality.

Cedar Woods is a great company to work for and I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to return to work on a part time basis, working 3 to 4 days per week after returning from maternity leave. The company is very flexible and this has allowed me to have a family and spend time with them, while also being able to maintain my career.

Finance: Amanda Taylor, Finance Manager

I’ve been with Cedar Woods for nine years and have enjoyed working with a stable and talented team on a range of interesting and exciting projects in WA and more recently QLD. Having started part time while I was studying, Cedar Woods has provided opportunities for professional development which has allowed me to progressively take on more responsibility. I respect Cedar Woods’ measured and balanced approach and it’s a company I’m proud to be a part of.

QLD: Peter Starr, Senior Development Manager