Our Purpose, Vision, Values and Priorities

Our Purpose, Vision and Values inform every decision we make, guide our conduct internally and our relationships with our partners, customers and investors. We revisited our values in 2018 to ensure they capture the principles that reflect who we are and what we stand for.

We are proud to be a leading national property developer, and with an ongoing commitment to our strategy and our values, we look forward to fulfilling our vision of becoming the best Australian property company renowned for performance and quality.

Cedar Woods has a strong track record of creating thriving communities for our customers and value for our shareholders.

We are committed to our longstanding strategy of growing our national portfolio which is diversified by geography, product type and price point. This helps ensure that our products have broad customer appeal and that we are able to perform well in a range of market conditions.

Our diversity sets us apart from our peers, with our developments ranging from urban land subdivisions in residential growth areas, medium density apartments, town houses in vibrant established suburbs, and commercial and retail properties.

Our disciplined approach to investments, an ongoing focus on operational excellence, and a commitment to quality, ensure our developments are sought after by customers, thereby creating long-term value for our shareholders.

Cedar Woods Strategy Purpose Vision Values

Strategic Priorities

High Performance Culture

Creating a progressive, high-spirited work environment with strong staff alignment to values and objectives, where top talent work collaboratively and high performance is rewarded.

Operational Excellence

Being operationally strong and safe through renewed and integrated systems and technologies, and having a strong corporate brand with quality projects.

Financial Strength

Optimising performance through disciplined capital management, a commercial focus, cost minimisation and maintaining a strong balance sheet.

Earnings Growth

Pursuit of earnings growth is the key metric to achieve our primary objective of creating long-term value for our shareholders. This may be achieved organically, by mergers and acquisition or through new business areas.