The great Australian dream lives on with the resurgence of town homes

March 2017

Demand for town homes within Australian capital cities has increased in line with the ‘hot’ property market and increasing price of traditional homes in established suburbs.

Tipped to become the home of the future, town homes are a desirable option for many buyers as they are a more affordable, low maintenance housing option that still meets the requirements of a traditional house.

The ‘great Australian dream’ has long been a goal of many young buyers as they look to enter the property market and provide security for their future.

With median house prices steadily increasing throughout Melbourne the ‘dream’ is increasingly difficult to attain as many first homebuyers are priced out of the traditional home market.

Cedar Woods state manager Patrick Archer says, “With the strong property market currently at play, buyers are looking into alternative solutions for their housing requirements.”

Newly constructed town homes are offering an ideal solution to help keep ‘the great Australian dream’ a reality.

“Town homes and apartments have been particularly popular with a wide cross section of buyers looking for a low maintenance home that suits their busy lifestyles,” says Archer.

Cedar Woods is currently building their master-planned community St A, located 16 kilometres from Melbourne CBD, in the eclectic suburb of St Albans.

The new development is strategically positioned within walking distance of theAlfreida Street shopping precinct and will benefit from significant local infrastructure upgrades.

A new hospital, the removal of two level crossings and upgraded amenities make St Albans an attractive suburb for a variety of households.

Once completed the new St. A community will consist of a range of homes including traditional houses, town homes, and the potential for low-rise apartments.

Cedar Woods’ town homes are architecturally designed to capitalise on space, delivering functionally superior living areas.

“We work closely with award winning architecture firm, DKO, to create functional town homes, delivering greater amenity within a desirable location and thus offering more housing opportunities for buyers.”