New park and playground ready for Byford families

May 2018

Byford families have a new place to play, meet and connect with other families in the area with the new The Ridge Park and Playground opening.  

Spanning over 1.7 hectares, the park and playground is part of Cedar Wood Properties’ Byford on the Scarp estate and caters for all ages and abilities with features including walking trails, adventure playground, and BBQ areas with edible gardens. 

Cedar Woods State Manager, Ben Rosser said he was thrilled to officially welcome residents to explore the park and playground.

“This will be a great addition to the estate, and we’re excited to offer this unique experience for families in the area,” Mr Rosser said. 

“I think the park and playground will become a destination for the community and we’ve had great feedback from the kids who have already given the play area a test run.”

Catering for all ages and abilities – from young children to grandparents – Ben said the new offering includes a range of unique features to suit the whole family.  

“Children of all ages will have plenty to explore with the adventure and nature playground, there is also a BMX and scooter track in the final stages of construction,” Mr Rosser said. 

“As for parents and grandparents, I am sure they will appreciate the range of banquet seating and dedicated picnic areas available, as well as our edible gardens containing flowers, seeds, plants and herbs that can be used to add the finishing touches to the family lunch.” 

Residents can also explore and discover magnificent sceneries via dedicated running tracks and walking trails in the park, featuring unique vantage points with views stretching all the way to the Perth CBD.

The park and playground are currently open for the community, with landscaping and a BMX and scooter track to be completed in the coming months.

Located on Clondyke Drive near the entrance to Byford on the Scarp, The Ridge Park and Playground will provide park front views for many lots and some existing homes. For further information please click here.