Living closer to work has proven health and wellbeing benefits

3 July 2017

Research shows there are significant health benefits that come with living closer to the workplace, reducing the amount of time spent commuting each day.

According to Medibank Better Health Index data, there is a noticeable link between length of commute and overall health, with those travelling one to five kilometres to work having a better overall health score versus those commuting more than 50 kilometres.

Additionally, those with a journey of 30 kilometres or more suffered from various negative health outcomes such as increased stress and weight gain.

By living close to work, time usually spent commuting can be put into other important lifestyle activities such as health and exercise, quality family time and personal relaxation.

ASX300 listed property developer Cedar Woods has noticed this trend at its Clayton South master planned community Jackson Green, where the most recent release, Gardenia, has sold a number of apartments to buyers purchasing due to its proximity to their work.

Cedar Woods state manager Patrick Archer says it is not surprising more people are moving to Jackson Green for work, especially given its proximity to the Monash Employment Cluster.

Located in neighbouring suburb Clayton, the Monash Employment Cluster has Melbourne’s largest concentration of jobs outside the CBD and includes employment hubs such as the Monash Medical Centre and Monash University.

“People are aware of the negative effects long commute times add to their health and wellbeing, as well as the time they lose each day spent in the car or on public transport getting to work. To help combat this they are placing greater importance on where they live and ensuring it is close to their workplace,” says Mr. Archer.

“We have noticed a number of buyers at Jackson Green moving to the area because they want to be closer to work. They are being more strategic with their time to create more opportunities to relax, re-energise and reduce the amount of time spent commuting.”

In particular, those in professions such as the medical field – who are regularly exposed to overnight shifts, emergency calls and longer than average working hours – have limited capacity for long commute times, as such need to find appropriate housing solutions in close proximity to their work.

Chee Teng, a 30-year-old nurse assistant at Monash Medical Centre, recently purchased a two-bedroom apartment at Jackson Green’s Gardenia release.

“Not only was I drawn to the design quality of Gardenia Apartments, a big reason why I purchased at Jackson Green is its proximity to the Monash Medical Centre where I work,” says Teng.

Currently living in Wantirna South, Teng was tired of the long commute to and from work everyday.

“Driving to and from the Monash Medical Centre for work everyday has just become too time consuming, living in Jackson Green I will be able to walk to work which is better for my health, and use the extra time to see my friends and family,” says Teng.

Designed by award winning architects DKO, the Gardenia release includes 74 stylish one and two-bedroom apartments, ideal for those seeking the ultimate in modern apartment living.