First residents at Fletcher's Slip

2 June 2022

The first residents at Fletcher’s Slip have settled into their new homes, embracing a vibrant lifestyle by the water and beach.  

Fletcher’s Slip recently welcomed its first residents with settlements occurring in the first stage of this brand new Cedar Woods community. Located within walking distance to Semaphore beach and historic Port Adelaide, theses homes provide the best of both worlds – waterside and contemporary living.  

Residents were welcomed with a big blue bow on the door and complimentary gifts from the Cedar Woods team and wider community. Local organisations such as cafes, breweries, gyms and local attractions contributed vouchers, discounts, and free products, making settlement very special and encouraging residents to support local businesses.  

A purchaser explained that the “quality, price and service” on top of the location and settlement process truly showcases Fletcher’s Slip as a reputable and sought-after development.  

“We’re happy with everything” said first residents Deb and Michael.  

“The home is very well built, and there is plenty of room. We’re thrilled with it all, from the kitchen to the balcony and bathroom” 

The community is truly beginning to take shape, with residents already inviting neighbours over for coffee.   

“Everyone at Fletcher’s Slip is so friendly. We already have a community here”  

Fletcher’s Slip will evolve over the coming years as the next stage of townhomes are already under construction.  

In addition, the first apartment building, Sirocco, is now over 75% sold launching just a few months ago. Residents will have direct access to the waterfront promenade, soaking in the morning sun and water glistening through the windows and on their balcony.  

All residents will have access to launch a hand-powered watercraft in the Port River, embracing a lifestyle outdoors with the tranquility and calmness of water.  

Another new resident added, “Cedar Woods has been fantastic. The staff have been absolutely great”.  

Cedar Woods’ Senior Development Manager Jacqueline de Meyrick said “It’s been a pleasure to be involved in this journey from construction works to residents settling into their new home. I look forward to embarking on the next chapter at Fletcher’s Slip.”