Welcome to Williams Landing

Williams Landing is a development with world class facilities, providing a contemporary urban environment for thousands of current and future residents and businesses.

Complete with state-of-the-art communications infrastructure and enviable transport services, Williams Landing features a 50-hectare town centre, childcare facilities, aged care facilities, offices, parks, retail and much more, all within easy reach.

Cutting edge amenities for modern living have been harmoniously combined with beautiful landscapes. There are four residential neighbourhoods that flow around the thriving town centre, with its own transport hub as well as direct freeway access. Each neighbourhood has an abundance of parkland, as well as the Williams Landing Boulevard Reserve and the adjacent 24km Federation Bike Trail.

A prestigious gateway between the City of Wyndham and the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Williams Landing will become a major centre for both business and shopping. The development is in a designated Priority Development Zone, with flexible planning that encourages high quality commercial, retail and mixed use development. Once completed, the town centre will be comparable in size to Box Hill, Dandenong and Geelong city centres. 

Williams Landing attracts families from all over Melbourne. The 275-hectare estate features affordable house and land, town house and land options only 20 kilometres from the CBD, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a home or investment property with potential.

Williams Landing is fast becoming the social and commercial focal point in Melbourne’s west, so upgrade your lifestyle today. 

Be a part of Melbourne’s western success story at Williams Landing. Be first in line for our range of architectually designed townhomes and modern apartments in development today. 

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