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Following the Community Consultation process, the Stakeholder Reference Group identified six key Community Objectives to inform the Local Structure Plan. These were:

  • Traffic
  • Cyclists / Pedestrians
  • Integration
  • Retention of Vegetation
  • Scale and Density
  • Mixed Use

The Local Structure Plan responded directly to the feedback from the Community Consultation process and upheld the Stakeholder Reference Group's prioritisation of the Community Objectives.


Indicative built form layouts provided in the Local Structure Plan balanced the following:

  • The critical mass required to deliver a comprehensively planned retirement and aged care centre
  • The need to create an efficient walkable community which provides surveillance, safety and manages building and site levels to ensure good access for the aged and immobile
  • The need for ancillary support uses in a mixed use expansion of the existing local centre opposite the site
  • The integration of the existing Marmion Avenue Child Care Centre
  • The need to provide housing density and diversity, including more affordable housing options, in accordance with the relevant State planning policies.
The Local Structure Plan is available for download here


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