Lloyd Collins features on the Talking Wyndham Podcast

August 2020

Cedar Woods State Manager Lloyd Collins recently sat down with the Talking Wyndham Podcast to discuss his outlook for the Williams Landing masterplan. 
Tell us about your journey with Cedar Woods?
I’ve been very fortunate to have a fantastic team behind me. Having been with the company for just under five years, I have worked across a number of residential and commercial developments across our Victorian portfolio. Some of the big projects we have delivered in that time include the Target Headquarters, the new Emergency Communications Facility which has recently joined the town centre, two strata office developments, three residential apartment blocks and the ongoing development of the shopping centre.
Williams Landing has changed a lot over the past two decades. Can you tell us how it has contributed to the regeneration of the area?
The company is very proud of what we have achieved with Williams Landing. The masterplan was developed with a long-term view. When Cedar Woods first purchased the site 20 years ago, there wasn’t much interest in residential or commercial developments in the area. We worked closely with the State Government to achieve the commitment to deliver the Williams Landing Train Station and the new road infrastructure and connections to the Princes Freeway built at the same time, which has really opened up the development and made it more accessible.

With that infrastructure now in place, residents and commuters can reach Melbourne’s CBD in 20 minutes which has been such an important part of its success.
Williams Landing is geographically in a perfect position, almost like a satellite city, isn’t it?
Yes, we’re very happy with it and are fortunate to have great partners in terms of consultants and Wyndham City Council, as well as really strong support from the business community. There are over 100 businesses based in Williams Landing now, as well as 6,000 residents. 

Currently we have an apartment development in presales, called Lincoln Apartments, and we hope to get that going on-site early in the new year. That has been a good litmus test for where demand is at the moment.
Listen to the full interview with Lloyd Collins here.