Cedar Woods Blog: 2021 Design Trends

2 March 2021

Apartments and townhomes are coming of age in Australia. Gone are the shoebox designs and tiny courtyards we were once familiar with – think big kitchens, butler’s pantries and rooftop orchards; storerooms for grocery deliveries, floor to ceiling greenery and loggia.

Medium density housing isn’t for everyone, but it does have benefits for many people.

Townhomes in desirable urban locations with established amenities, are extremely popular with a range of demographics – from families who need a bit more space but don’t want to compromise on location, to downsizers wanting luxurious finishes without the hassle of land, as well as young professionals who are after established locations in close proximity to their workplace.

Cedar Woods is proud to work with leading international and national architecture firms - DKO Architecture and Hames Sharley - on our award-winning medium and high-density projects across our national portfolio in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

Working with renowned architects ensures our designs respond to modern trends, whilst putting the needs of residents first.

While COVID-19 put space back at the forefront of people’s minds, Cedar Woods sees the popularity of apartment and townhome living continuing in 2021 and beyond.

Part of this is the desire to socialise and be connected – lockdown made it acutely obvious that we need regular, personal interaction.

Some trends we see arising from the lockdown is the desire for separate offices that are a decent size, having good ventilation and big windows, and loggia – traditionally a room or hallway with one side open. Think partially enclosed balconies or terraces that feel like a lounge room, but the outer wall is open to the elements.

Customers want fresh air and want to welcome the outside in – through more greenery both in their homes and in the shared spaces of their complex.

Sustainability and livability are driving these trends – people are becoming increasingly conscious of energy bills and their carbon footprint. Natural light and natural ventilation, therefore, will only grow in importance.

The boom in online deliveries throughout the pandemic has increased the demand for safe, cool storage rooms where everything from groceries to home office supplies can be delivered and stored until the resident gets home from work.

Customisation is more important than ever: our customer base is more diverse and discerning, seeking opportunities to personalise their space. They don’t want ‘cookie cutter’ homes.

For more than 30 years Cedar Woods has worked hard to think ahead, evolving our designs to always respond to the changing world in which we live and creating meaningful places that inspire connection and help us grow.